Priska™ is dedicated to the safety and well-being of patients in pain. Our tools are designed to ease the burden on doctors writing pain management prescriptions providing the data to drive their decisions.


Licensed psychologist and pain expert Dr. Michael Lewandowski designed Priska™ Online Patient Risk Assessment Tools to help patients give their pain a voice. He has implemented the tools into his practice located in Reno, Nevada since 1990. His tools are used by practitioners around the world. Each tool provides doctors and patients with meaningful insights through easy-to-understand clinical results. Dr. Lewandowski has served on the Board of Psychological Examiners for the State of Nevada, as a diplomate in the American Academy in Pain Management, as a member of the American Pain Society and is a member of the American Psychological Association.


Priska™ Tools should be used as an ancillary item to help further inform practitioners who write pain management protocols. Doctors should however use every tool available to them, such as abuse-deterrent opioids, lock boxes, safer packaging, government-run prescription monitoring programs that identify people accessing multiple prescribers, and state-of-the-art drug tests.